In this frigid month of February, the French daily newspapers, LE PARISIEN and LE MONDE, have published the results of the 2000-member panel that rated the prime-time shows of the four principal television stations in France through 2014.

We’re proud to announce that Apocalypse World War I came in second in the category of high-quality programming.

Although history documentaries do not often earn top ratings, viewers have shown their appreciation of the Apocalypse World War I series. Remembering history in a reflective manner and in an original style – with the colourization of archival footage – has obviously found an enthusiastic audience. The documentary series, written by Isabelle Clarke and Daniel Costelle, has appealed to viewers, touching them, and bringing them food for thought. We’re very proud to have been a part of this great television adventure. Once again, congratulations!

1 Le Parisien - 11 février 2015-1 2 Le Parisien - 11 février 2015-2 3 LE_MONDE_16FEVRIER2015