Ideacom has been active in the cultural and communications industry since the 70’s. Founded in 1973 by Jacques Nadeau, Don Remple and Louise Viens, the company specialized primarily in communications consulting and then expanded in the mid-80s into television production. In 1995, Ideacom entered the new realm of website production to create companion sites for its television series. In 2000, Josette D. Normandeau entered into partnership with Ideacom and was appointed President.

Ideacom has taken on multiple mandates for the largest corporations: Hydro-Quebec, Canada Post, Desjardins Insurance, Laurentian General Insurance, Sureté du Québec, Bell Canada, Phyzer, Société de l’Assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ), National Bank of Canada, Government of Canada, etc.

Ideacom knows how to reach and engage a wide audience on the significant issues of our time. Our expertise in the treatment of cultural, historical, scientific and sociological content on various platforms is based on a creative, rigorous and humanistic approach, and has earned the company an enviable reputation both with the public and the press.

The company’s expertise in cross-promotion communications not only contributed to the success of the television series produced by Ideacom, but also facilitated the crossover into the transmedia universe: platforms such as the web, mobile phones and tablets, print, television, radio, social networking and special events.

Founded in 2010, Zenith ABC, known as Ideacom International Web, is established as Ideacom’s center for creative content and digital innovation.


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