The diversity of our topics and the exceptional quality of our programs which have been broadcast on major North American and international networks and which have earned us the respect of the industry, as well as numerous awards.
Here is an overview:

Conversations with Dolphins

Dolphins have been a source of curiosity and have appeared in our stories and myths for thousands of years. We know they are intelligent animals, but just how intelligent are they, and how is dolphin intelligence expressed? Adam Walker, an […]

Le Parti Québécois : l’affaire d’une génération?

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THE DOCUMENTARY IS AVALAIBLE HERE : http://ici.tou.tv/les-grands-reportages/s2016e160



L’or bionique


The Rio Games are fast approaching and 5 Canadian athletes are giving it their all in hopes of achieving their Olympic dreams. In pools and gyms, their preparation seems unchanged: they need to be faster, higher, and stronger. But looking […]

Aiguilleurs du ciel – The experience

In French only

VISIT OUR WEBSITE : http://lesaiguilleursduciel.radio-canada.ca

Controlling the Skies


“Whisky Zulu, Whisky Zulu you are cleared for take-off 2-4 left. Line up and wait.”
 To the outsider it may seem like gibberish but it is in fact the highly structured language of the control tower at New York’s JFK airport. […]

Apocalypse, the Second Screen Experience


VISIT OR WEBSITE : http://experience.apocalypseww1.com/en/home/

Double your knowledge: explore history on two screens
A mobile application linked to the series, designed for tablets, smart phones and computers, the Apocalypse Experience is a second-screen app that enriches the five one-hour documentaries with complementary content. […]

Apocalypse World War 1 – Commemorations Portal


The Hub facilitates navigation between the components of the Apocalypse World War I and the retrieval of activities (photos, blogs, podcasts, drawings, etc.) in the Apocalypse 10 Lives characters’ fates.
The Hub guides users to educational tools, novelties, and a huge […]

Apocalypse 10 Lives – the Learning Resource


Discover Apocalypse 10 Lives – the Learning Resource, the latest companion of the Apocalypse 10 Lives application. Produced in partnership with Réseau Canopé, the NFB and CC&C, this new bilingual resource presents the First World War from a stimulating new angle. […]

À fleur de peau


Self-harm: the term evokes distress, depression, lack of self-esteem, and a desperate attempt to control emotions. Previously perceived as a marginal phenomenon, over the last decade this disturbing behaviour among youth has become widespread, a source of worry, particularly among […]