The diversity of our topics and the exceptional quality of our programs which have been broadcast on major North American and international networks and which have earned us the respect of the industry, as well as numerous awards.
Here is an overview:

Apocalypse World War I


In 1914 the world entered into a period of unimaginable conflict and suffering. How did such a cruel and far-reaching conflict occur? How did humankind endure this atrocity for four long years? Could the sacrifice of an entire generation have […]

Apocalypse 10 Lives


An interactive experience blending graphic novel art, animation and archives.
Three new-media components will accompany the television documentary series Apocalypse World War I. An interactive iPad application also on the web will take users into the heart of the Great War […]

Methane: Dream or Nightmare?


Our 21st century planet is an insatiable energy-devourer. But since the Fukushima disaster, we’ve become suspicious and fearful of nuclear energy. Our future is at stake. An unexpected treasure is buried in the ocean floor: methane hydrate, gas trapped in […]

Monsieur le Maire, Jean Drapeau et sa ville

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Journalist Marc Laurendeau’s take on famous Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau. Over a period of five decades Marc Laurendeau observed, parodied, interviewed and critiqued “Monsieur le maire Jean Drapeau”, all the while harbouring an undeniable admiration for him and his gutsy […]

Voyage of the Continents


Over the many billions of years of Earth’s history our planet has never stopped changing. Massive tectonic forces have sculpted and resculpted our world in a never-ending journey. Tectonics have created life – and destroyed it as well. Huge volcanoes […]



A joint project with the TV series Voyage of the Continents, WebGeol.com offers users the chance to follow the films’ director on site as he films the series, and explore additional content in the form of interactive videos and maps […]

Sled Dog Soldiers


August 1915. Two officers of the French Army embark on an incredible secret mission: to bring 450 sled dogs from Alaska and Canada to France. Will they succeed in carrying out their mission on time? The objective: to save the […]

G Spotting, A story of Promise and Pleasure


G Spotting, a Story of Promise and Pleasure is a joyful and surprising film, exploring science, sexual liberation, ideological conflicts, and of course… pleasure. How is it in the 21st Century that so many myths still exist about female sexuality? […]

Is the Magnetic Pole about to Flip?


The earth has two North poles, the geographic pole and the magnetic pole. The magnetic pole is the one that attracts the needles of our compasses. It’s always moving, but science tells us it is now moving rapidly. Could it […]