The diversity of our topics and the exceptional quality of our programs which have been broadcast on major North American and international networks and which have earned us the respect of the industry, as well as numerous awards.
Here is an overview:

Simplement Noël


A close look at four families who have decided to have a different, authentic kind of Christmas, free from the commercial trappings of the season. Their holidays take place in an atmosphere of sharing, simplicity, and mutual cooperation.

Les Ruraux du 21ème…

A living tableau of the world of farming and its fundamental issues at the beginning of the 21st century, seen through the lives of four families with different working and living conditions. The Crête family is engaged in dairy farming, […]

Deadly Arts


Follow Black Belt Josette D. Normandeau through six spectacular episodes as she travels the planet to seek out and train with the world’s greatest martial arts masters. Josette sets out to uncover the history and culture that shaped these six […]

Out in the city II


A close-up on the gay community: lifestyles, values, styles and trends, as well as unique problems and challenges, faced by real people. From the leather daddy who’s not into S&M, to the butch lady-killer. The reality series that reflects our […]

The Last Safari & Wild Cameras on Film


Two documentaries that give a passionate account of the history of the Safari from its beginnings in the early 20th century. The first, the story of how Hollywood romanticized the safari adventure, told by Hollywood filmmakers, writers and actors. The […]

Live to Dance!


Live to Dance throws the spotlight on the hypnotic moves and private lives of the dedicated dancers on the competitive Latin and ballroom dancing circuit. Capturing the glamour and the rivalry of the world of dancing, viewers get a glimpse […]

Navajos Warriors, The Great Secret


This documentary offers a unique insight into the Native-American Navajo Warrior Nation, highlighting the extraordinary story of the Code Talkers in the Second World War. This special unit of the Marines developed a secret code for radio communications based on […]

Once upon a time the Super Heroes


The historical saga of American superheroes. Born in the period between the Great Depressionand the WWII to combat the hobgoblins of the modern world, these mutant human beings with superhuman powers colonized the funny papers, radio dramas, TV and films, […]