Project Description

Self-harm: the term evokes distress, depression, lack of self-esteem, and a desperate attempt to control emotions. Previously perceived as a marginal phenomenon, over the last decade this disturbing behaviour among youth has become widespread, a source of worry, particularly among professionals who work directly with youth. In this film, three young people talk frankly about their problem and dream out loud of a better life for themselves. Today, approximately 20% of teenagers in North America practice some form of self-harm—an enormous number that continues to grow. How did this happen? What exactly does it involve? What are the warning signs? Do effective treatments exist? Insight is gleaned by specialists who answer some of these questions and offer clues to help us understand a harrowing subject.

Documentary (2015)  1 x 46′

Broadcaster: Canal Vie
 Josée Roberge, Josette D. Normandeau
Tiziana Beccarelli Saad
Alain Belhumeur
Format :