Project Description


Double your knowledge: explore history on two screens
A mobile application linked to the series, designed for tablets, smart phones and computers, the Apocalypse Experience is a second-screen app that enriches the five one-hour documentaries with complementary content. The app is synchronized with each episode of Apocalypse World War I on DVD or BluRay. Viewers also have the option of exploring the app as a stand-alone.

Produced using more than 500 hours of colourized archival footage, much of it previously unseen, the series takes us onto the battlefields, inside the minds of leaders and ordinary soldiers, and into the everyday lives of the civilians behind the lines. The narration recreates the voices, memories, and experiences of these men and women to give us a better sense of the events that turned “yesterday’s world” into the Apocalypse.

Nearly 100 factsheets offer original content on all aspects of the Great War. You’ll hit upon little-known facts, come to understand underlying issues and hidden motives, and discover stories of forgotten Canadian war heroes, as well as those of women whose important contributions have not always been recognized.

In this special edition where Canada and its people take center-stage, through historical anecdotes, stats, period photo galleries, and quizzes, you’ll find out more about Canada’s role in the Great War and how this global event changed the country’s destiny.

The application Apocalypse Experience was designed to also serve as an educational tool for teachers and their students, similar to the Apocalypse 10 Lives learning resource.

This platform’s content can easily be adapted to the historical reality of other countries such as New Zealand or Australia.