Project Description

The earth has two North poles, the geographic pole and the magnetic pole. The magnetic pole is the one that attracts the needles of our compasses. It’s always moving, but science tells us it is now moving rapidly. Could it be about to flip? What will be the impact? Paleomagnetism has taught us that the magnetic pole flips regularly, going from north to south and vice versa, once every 250,000 years on average. However, the last inversion occurred 780,000 years ago! Are we on the eve of such a major event? The film follows Canadian geophysicist Larry Newitt and French geologist Jean-Jacques Orgeval as they meet astronauts, marine biologists, paleomagneticians and archeomagneticians, in an attempt to understand, measure and explain the consequences of a pole inversion.

Documentary (2010) 1 x 52′

Co-production : France / Canada (TGA Production / Ideacom)
Broadcasters: France 5, Radio-Canada, RDI, CBC, RTBF, ZDF
Producers: Thierry Gautier (France) Amy Webb, Eric Michel, Josette D Normandeau (Canada)
Scriptwriters: Stéphane Nicolopoulos et Jon Kalina
Director: Yanick Rose
Format: HDCAM SR

Festival du Scoop et du Journalisme – Angers, France:
   Scientific Information, News (2010)
43e Festival International du Film Maritime, d’Exploration et d’Environnement – Toulon, France:
   Ancre d’Argent (2011)
Festival International de l’Image Sous-Marine & de l’Aventure – Antibes-Juan-les-Pins, France:
   Méditerranea d’or (2012)
Festival du Film Scientifique de la Réunion – France:
   Trophée de Bronze (2012)

Official Selection
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television:
   Gémeaux. Best Documentary – Science and Nature (2011)
Pariscience, Festival international du film scientique – Paris, France (2010)
Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival – Doha, Qatar (2011)
Vedere la Scienza – Milan, Italie (2011)
Festival Film de science – France:
   Catégorie « hors-compétition » (2011)
6th International Science Film Festival – Athens, Greece:
   Science Communication Award (2011)
7th Annual International Media Excellence Awards – London, UK:
   Best Science Program or Series (2011)
Festival du film scientifique de La Réunion – France:
   Trophée de bronze (2012)