Project Description

Journalist Marc Laurendeau’s take on famous Montreal mayor Jean Drapeau. Over a period of five decades Marc Laurendeau observed, parodied, interviewed and critiqued “Monsieur le maire Jean Drapeau”, all the while harbouring an undeniable admiration for him and his gutsy accomplishments. Nearly 30 years after Drapeau’s last day in office, Laurendeau questions Drapeau’s contemporaries on critical moments in his political career. Jean Drapeau’s political heritage is that of a man who changed Montreal forever.

Documentary (2014) 1 x 52′

Broadcasters : Radio-Canada, RDI
Producers : Amy Webb, Josette D. Normandeau
Scriptwriters : Marc Laurendeau, Jacques Nadeau
Director : Bruno Boulianne
Format : HDCAM SR