Project Description

Who would have believed a decade ago, that today, almost half (44%) of adults in their twenties from Western nations, would still be living with their parents? We once saw “moving out” as a logical step to adulthood. What are the reasons behind this drastic societal change? Part One: Who are the stay-at-home children? How are they perceived? What are the family dynamics at work? Part Two: Why do young second-generation immigrants tend to leave the family nest only when they marry. Part Three: While some parents are glad that their adult children continue to share the family home, others experience this co-habitation as a daily nightmare.

Documentary Mini-series (2010) 3 x 52′

Boroadcaster : Canal Vie
Producer: Josette D. Normandeau
Scriptwriters: : Tiziana B. Saad, Jean-Louis Côté
Director : Jean-Louis Côté
Format : HDCAM