Project Description

The Mad, The Bad & The Ugly highlights three of the worst types of drivers on the road today: drivers who are aggressive, distracted or simply tired. These drivers talk on their cell-phones, eat their lunch, or veer through traffic to shave a few seconds off the length of their trip. They are the reckless, restless and careless cowboys of the modern road. The Mad, The Bad & The Ugly reveals some horrific footage of crashes and near misses, and offers a glimpse of futuristic innovations that might save lives.

Documentary (2008) 1 x 52′

Boroadcasters: Radio-Canada, RDI, CBC News
Producers: Abhish Birla, Jacques Nadeau, Josette D. Normandeau
Directors: Benjamin Duffield, Philippe Gagnon
Scriptwriters: Jean-François Lepage, Jon Kalina, Tiziana B. Saad, Josette D. Normandeau
Format: Digital Beta 16 x 9, NTSC