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Apocalypse 10 Lives – the Learning Resource


Discover Apocalypse 10 Lives – the Learning Resource, the latest companion of the Apocalypse 10 Lives application. Produced in partnership with Réseau Canopé, the NFB and CC&C, this new bilingual resource presents the First World War […]

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Storytelling Through Interactive Documentary


The challenge: narrating History through ten fictional characters in an interactive experience that blends graphic novel art, animation and archive, for a total of four hours of explorative content. It is over 150 restored videos, […]

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«Apocalypse» at the RealScreen Awards 2015


Ideacom is proud to announce our most recent nominations at the RealScreen Awards 2015 : APOCALYPSE WORLD WAR I in the Non-Fiction – Archive-Based Programming category and APOCALYPSE 10 LIVES in the Digital and Branded […]

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