Project Description

In the frozen Arctic desert, on Devon Island, an enthusiastic team of engineers and scientists are at work, ushering in a new era in the exploration of space. They are preparing for Humankind’s return to the Moon in order to establish a permanent base! With exclusive access to this dress rehearsal, Destination Moon presents these inspired men and women, some of whom might well become astronauts on future Constellation missions. In the lunar environment of Devon Island, poke-marked by a huge impact crater, they strive to understand and find solutions to the challenges that explorers will face on the Moon.

Documentaire (2010) 1 x 52′

Co-production : France / Canada (Bonne Pioche Télévision / Idéacom)
Broadcasters: ARTE, Radio-Canada, RDI, RTL-TVI, YLE, TFO, VRT, Canal 22
Producers: Emmanuel Priou (France) Amy Webb, Josette D. Normandeau (Canada)
Scriptwriter / Director: : Laurent Lichtenstein
Format : HDCAM SR

Official Selection
Festival du film scientifique – Asie du Sud-Est (2010)
22e International Mountain & Adventure Film Festival – Graz, Autriche (2010)