Project Description

A creature lurks at the bottom of the sea. It has a soft boneless body and two eyes that take up a quarter of its body weight. It has eight tentacles one of which contains the sex organ, brain and intestines all in a single pouch. It’s a carnivorous predator with a tearing beak that can grow up to five metres long! It can change shape and colour at will in order to be indistinguishable from its surroundings. With its formidable intelligence it is able to solve complex problems, and can walk on land, even navigate through fire. Sound like your worst nightmare? Think again! This alien-like creature – the Octopus – has lived side by side with Humankind from the beginning, and only now are we beginning to unravel the extent of its astounding intelligence.

Documentary (2010) 1 x 52′

Co-production: France / Canada (MC4 / Idéacom)
Broadcasters: France 3 (Thalassa), CBC, Canal D, TFO, Science Channel US,
Discovery International, RTBF
Producers: Jean-Pierre Bailly (France)
Amy Webb, Eric Michel, Josette D. Normandeau (Canada)
Scriptwriters / Directors: Jérôme Julienne, John Jackson
Format: HDCAM SR

Science Festival – Athens, Greece:
   Innovation & Technology (2011)
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television:
   Gémeaux. Best Documentary – Science and Nature (2011)

Official Selection
MEDIMED Documentary market – Espagne (2011)