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A perfect blend of information and entertainment, serious science and humour, each of the 102 magazine-format programmes deals with six different subjects relating to the health and lifestyles of children, adults and seniors. The prevention of illnesses, mental health, fitness, psychological well-being, automobile safety, alcohol, tobacco and drug addiction, safety measures, dental health, and more. The 32 documentaries: Mixing fictional dramatic situations with personal accounts of ordinary and extraordinary experiences, and accompanied by pertinent comments from young health professionals, each programme of the series deals in depth with a single health-related topic, in a lively and entertaining manner. Subjects include: protection against STDs, clear explanations of certain diseases, alcohol consumption, handicapped children, nutrition, fitness, driving habits of the young, etc.

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Quebec Association of Independent Journalists 1994
– The René-Lévesque Prize – Electronic Media
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television – Gémeaux 1993
– Best Series – Service Programs
– Best Research – Cultural or Service Programs
Canadian Association for Community Integration (CACI) 1993
– Media Award – Television Documentary
Health Video Festival, Prix Armand-Frappier 1993
– Staff Training
International Road Safety Film Festival 1992 – Carcassone, France
– First Prize – Public’s Choice
Quebec Hospital Association, Prix Fernand-Séguin 1992
– First Prize – Popularization and Health Education
Montreal Corporate Film and Video Forum Corpovision 1992
– First Prize – Health, Medicine and Pharmaceutics
– First Prize – Education and Training
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television – Gémeaux 1990
– Best Series – Information or Service Programs
– Best Photography
Canadian Science Writers Association 1989
– First Prize – Science Writing Awards, Television

Official Selection
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television – Gémeaux 1992
– Best Documentary Series
– Best Directing – Documentary Series or Current Affairs Special
– Best Photography – All Categories, Video
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television – Gémeaux 1989
– Best Information/Service Programs
– Best Script – Documentary Series
– Best Host – Information/Service Programs

Mentions & Certificates
Unicef Quebec – Recognition for Excellence 1990
National Association of Television Viewers, Recognition for Innovation 1990
– Honorable Mention – Innovation in French-language Television Production in Canada
Canadian Association for Mental Health, Jean-Charles Pagé Prize 1990
– Honorable Mention – Electronic Media
Canadian Nurses Association 1990
– Media Award, Certificate of Merit – Short Television Feature

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The Team

Louise Viens
Jacques Nadeau

Series Directors
Lynn Phaneuf
Pierre Lawrence

Content Producer
Dominique Langelier

Alain Poirier
Jean-François Chicoine

TV Magazine / Docu-drama – Society & Science


French, English, Spanish

Shooting Format
Betacam SP NTSC & PAL

Delivery Support
Betacam SP NTSC & PAL

Copyright: 1988-1993