Project Description

In this beautiful, fascinating and compelling one-hour documentary on bats Canadian biologist Brock Fenton helps us make sense of these strange and astonishing creatures: ancient mammals who possess secrets that are already starting to help humans in ways unimaginable even a decade ago. Science has only recently begun to realize that bats possess secrets of immeasurable benefit to human beings; qualities that science and medicine are now harnessing to help the blind, to save victims of stroke, to increase Man’s health and longevity and to avert disease and plague.

Documentary (2009) 1 x 52′

Co-production : Canada / France (Ideacom / Beta Prod)
Broadcasters: France 5, CBC, Ushuaia TV, Radio-Canada, RDI
Producers: Amy Webb, Josette D. Normandeau (Canada), Michel Gauriat (France)
Scriptwriter: Celina Bell
Scriptwriters / Directors: Jon Kalina, Jean-Marie Migaud
Format: HDCAM SR