Project Description

Follow Black Belt Josette D. Normandeau through six spectacular episodes as she travels the planet to seek out and train with the world’s greatest martial arts masters. Josette sets out to uncover the history and culture that shaped these six martial arts: Aikido in Japan, Savate in France, Capoeira in Brazil, Karate in Okinawa, Muay Thai in Thailand and Kalaripayattu in India.

Documentary Series (2004) 6 x 52′

Co-production : Québec / Ontario (Idéacom / Creative Anarchy)
Broadcasters: National Geographic Intl., History Television, Canal D, Fit TV US
Producers: Jacques Nadeau, Josette D. Normandeau (Québec), Bob Sandler (Ontario)
Scriptwriters: Jean-François Lepage, Josette D. Normandeau
Director: Harvey Crossland
Creative Series Supervisor: Tiziana B. Saad
Format: Digital Beta 16 x 9, 4 x 3. NTSC & PAL

Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television:
   Gémeaux. Best Editing – Documentary, Public Affairs, Journalism, Biography, Series (2004)
   Gémeaux. Best Sound – Documentary, Public Affairs, Journalism, Biography (2004)

Official Selection
Banff Television Festival – Banff Rocky Award:
   Best Sports Program (2004)
Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television:
   Gemini. Best Sound – Information/Documentary Program or Series (2004)
   Gemini. Best Host or Interviewer – Sports Program or Sportscast (2004)