Senza Nostalgia

Filmmaker Patrick Pellegrino was raised by his father Toni knowing very little about his Italian roots. Toni, now a retired schoolteacher in his sixties, returns to the Italy he last saw as a child, in the company of his sister Raffaella, and his son Patrick. Raffaella’s memories of the good life they had, and of the family’s post-war desperation, hit her like a ton of bricks, whereas Toni believes he is immune to any nostalgia of his homeland Calabria. This innocent escapade becomes, without the principal characters realizing it, an interior quest exploring the real and the imaginary from their past, as Toni tries to uncover answers to the question: why did the family flee Italy?

Ideacom International


Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television – Prix Gémeaux 2007
– Best Original Music – Documentary – Best Sound – Documentary, Public Affairs, Biography

Official Selection
Prix Pierre & Yolande Perrault 2007
– Finalist for Best Upcoming Documentary
25e Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois 2007 – Montreal, Canada

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The Team

Amy Webb
Jacques Nadeau
Josette D. Normandeau

Scriptwriter / Réalisateur
Patrick Pellegrino

Jean-Marie Drot

Director of Photography
François Vincelette

Original Music
Robert Marcel Lepage

Sound Design
Louis Dupiré

Documentary – Society

One-off 1×52’

English, French

Shooting Format
Digital Beta 16 x 9, NTSC

Delivery Support
Digital Beta 16 x 9, NTSC

Copyright: 2006